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Who is The Fashion Expert®?

Hello, I’m Michelle Ramsay a fashion designer and consultant with 20 years experience in the fashion industry.

I work with both established brands and startups and specialise in helping those new to the industry to launch a fashion brand.


In the past, I have designed for many famous high street brands, and gained valuable insight and knowledge of all aspects of the industry from concept, through to production and retail.

A select few of the names I have created artwork for during my career include:











Why did I launch?

Following a career that spanned 15 years as a senior level designer, I founded The Fashion Expert® to work with successful fashion brands and retailers. Through my work with fashion startups, I realised how difficult it can be to find reliable information about breaking into the fashion industry. 

I created this specialist service to help emerging talent and brands gain expert help, information and mentoring about launching a clothing or accessories line.

Who are my clients?

I work with established retailers who need newness injected into their collections or new brands who want to increase sales.

Most of the startups I help have zero experience in the fashion industry but are passionate about launching a new fashion brand and need an expert to help them get from A to B.

That's where I come in.

If you need help get in touch today!

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