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5 ways my e-book will help you launch your fashion startup.

Fashion Startups' Guide To Apparel Manufacture
Fashion Startups' Guide To Apparel Manufacture

If you're a budding fashion entrepreneur trying to navigate your way through the minefield that is the fashion industry, you might be feeling a little lost as to what happens next.

You're probably feeling in the dark to the steps needed to launch your brand, such as design, sampling and manufacture. How do you start to take that raw idea and get it manufactured?

If this sounds like you and right now you're lacking a plan then you're not alone. Finding good, reliable information about the fashion industry can be really difficult for startups and those trying to break into it.

That's why I wrote The Fashion Startups Guide To Apparel Manufacture. and here are 5 reasons it could be well worth your investment.

1. You'll gain insider knowledge instantly

Working with start-up brands for over 5 years now I know exactly the things you're going to ask before you've asked them. With this in mind I've created an easy to understand e-book that takes you through each stage you'll find yourself at on your journey from idea to manufacture. You will start to understand the processes, the terminology, and the language of the fashion industry, as well as key expectations a designer, manufacturer and supplier will have of you.

2. Your confidence will triple

Armed with this new found knowledge, you will be much more at ease knowing what should happen next. You will be able to start formulating your plan of action and strategies for your brand in terms of design, sampling and manufacture.

Fashion Startups' Guide To Apparel Manufacture
Fashion Startups' Guide To Apparel Manufacture

3. It'll help you get ahead of your competition

Without a clear plan of action it's easy to make mistakes. It can be tempting to jump on into the dark and have a go, but unless you learn your craft you'll never get it right. Take some time to invest in this new venture, learn your stuff before you plunge in and get ahead of the competition with proper guidance and information.

4. You'll save money long term

I see a lot of disasters! Clients that come to me to mop up a previous mess where they have spent a lot of time, and worse still, hard earned cash! When you don't know the correct processes you should be following, it's easy to get duped by false promises. Sometimes it's not always the fault of the factory. They can only produce based on the information you give them. If it's light on professional content, and lacking in skilled detail, you're likely to get a sample that reflects the poor input. This guide will show you the protocol of design, techs and specs, as well as walk you through sampling and production. Getting things right first time round means a more cost effective outcome. Suddenly a small initial investment seems like a game changer!

5. You'll become a more desirable client to a manufacturer

Unfortunately fashion startup brands are not the most desirable clients for a clothing factory. They've seen the unprepared brands asking them to make a garment based on a photo, and realise a lot of these clients need to be guided or prompted which sounds like a lot of hard work for them. Unsurprisingly, a lot of initial enquiries are ignored. This e-book will teach you everything a factory needs from you to successfully manufacture your collection. If you follow the steps in the guide, you'll be a much more desirable client through your organised approach and professional attitude.

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