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Before you dive into the unknown, chat over the viability of your fashion brand or product idea with a professional and find out whether your idea is a good one (or not).


You've probably been thinking (for a long time) about starting a fashion brand (will it be this year?)

Feeling a little tentative (is this a crazy idea?)

Worried that your lack of industry experience will hold you back (who am I to even step into this world?)

Terrified you'll blow your savings on the wrong thing (hello disastrous samples!)

Yet despite all this, you always get that thrill of excitement when you think about how amazing it would be to see those ideas you've been dreaming of come to life.


But you're hesitant because you're not sure if it's a good idea.


This is a one-hour session suitable for startups and those considering starting a fashion brand. It's the perfect way to bounce around your ideas, ask for specific help and make sure you are on the right track. And most important of all find out... Is My Idea A Good One?


For those ideas which are not quite there yet we will discuss ways to improve them to make them as successful as possible.


If you're feeling stuck, have hit a brick wall or need reassurance you're on the right track then this session will give you the clarity you're searching for.


It gives you a chance to ask questions in a relaxed environment at a time that suits you and each call is tailored to your idea. You will take away a "next steps" plan.


We will start off with an assessment of your ideas, where you are now, as well as your goals and outline a next steps plan to help you move forward, identifying areas you need to work on or have overlooked.


You will also have time to ask questions.


Calls are via zoom video or telephone.

Instructions to book - Once you purchase the consultation please book a time that is convenient for you using this calendar.

Is My Idea Viable? 1 Hour Call.

  • Instructions to book - Once you purchase the consultation please book a time that is convenient for you using this calendar.

  • ETIQUETTE - Sometimes life gets in the way and you may not be able to make your appointment. Please respect my time and show up at the appointment time. The session will be booked for 1 hour and will not overrun if you show up late. If you are running late then email me if there is a problem on There is also an option on your confirmation email that will allow you to reschedule, so please do this prior to the call if needed. All calls and consultations require a 24 hour notice period to cancel, giving another client the opportunity to take the slot. No shows and cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will not be refunded. Thank you!

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