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How to get the most out of my fashion start-up consultations.

So what exactly goes on in a Consultation with The Fashion Expert®, and how will it help you and your fashion start-up business?

How does it work?

We can condust the consultation via Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp or just good old fashioned telephone. A lot of clients like a video call because they get to "meet" me a little more, they feel it helps them get to know me and enhances the whole experience.

On the other hand some clients are quite shy to appear in front of a stranger online, so if audio is more your thing then that is perfectly fine.

I always check in with a client on purchase to find out their preferred method of consultation, so we can work that out in the beginning.

Takeaway 1

Choose a consultation method you feel comfortable with - this will help out you at ease if you're feeling nervous.

How long will it last?

A consultation usually last for around 1 hour and that's the time you're booked in for. I'm based in the UK therefore work on London time. I have calls with clients in USA and Australia most weeks, so plan in advance when you can fit in an early morning or late evening call and we can tie up our diaries. It's a good idea to be on time as the hour you've booked starts without you if you're late.

Takeaway 2

Maximise the time you've paid for by turning up as agreed and making sure you have little or no interruptions. It's always a good idea to clear your diary of commitments to focus on you for the hour.

What will I ask you?

In advance of our call I'll request you to send me a brief outline of your business idea, your brand and the types of products you are hoping to launch. This gives me a background into which direction you are hoping to take, and which information might be specialist to you.

It's also great to learn how far you've gotten on your journey into the fashion industry even if that's not far at all.

Don't worry if you're just setting out - most clients are. If you've perhaps gotten further and have hit a stumbling block such as unresponsive factories or poor samples, these are things we can review and make a plan as to how we can get you moving again.

Takeaway 3

A little introduction to your start-up clothing line will go a long way to help me help you. Spend ten minutes putting together some info prior to the call.

What should you ask me?

My approach with clients is professional but very friendly. I want you to feel relaxed with me to discuss your ideas, and also flag which areas you need help with most. It's a good idea to make a list of things you hope to cover in the session, or indeed questions you want to remember to ask me. You can even send this to me before the call if you wish.

Sometimes clients worry they may ask silly questions. In my experience most start-ups want to know the same core information, with some specifics for their business. You've contacted an industry professional to tap into my experience and knowledge, so all questions are both relevant and important. I don't expect you to know much about the whole process and that's completely usual.

Takeaway 4

Ask me all the little things that are troubling you, worrying you or you're just not sure of. Having a list always helps as during calls your mind can go blank. You might also want to remember to take notes - there will be a lot to learn!

What's next?

During the call we will talk about designs, after-all you can't create a clothing line without them. I'll walk you through the design process and explain to you what will happen if you choose to have your range designed by myself. You're under no obligation to do so, and it's certainly not a hard sales pitch, but some of the questions involved will include design and development so it's good to be in the know.

If you'd like to book an initial consultation with me to talk about your ideas, my services and how we can make a plan together to get your fashion brand launched this year then you can do so here.

You can also email me at any time

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