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10 best resources to find new Fashion Trends.

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

One of the most important requirements of a fashion brand, and any fashion designer worth their salt, is to be aware of upcoming fashion trends. Not only to understand them, but to be ahead of them.

Just how do fashion designers know what is going to be in fashion next? Where do you find fashion trends?

We do this through Fashion Forecasting and Trend Intel, working ahead of season often two to four seasons ahead which is around two years in advance.

Most of the big players in trend intel require an expensive membership or subscription, so if you are a start-up brand or a company with a smaller budget then it can be a big advantage to employ a Fashion Designer who has access to this already.

Below are my top 10 go to resources in no particular order, with what we consider to be their most useful aspects.

  1. WGSN

Best for working up to 2 to 4 seasons in advance. Covers fashion and interiors.


2. Fashion Snoops

Best for covering a wide range of products as well as working far in advance. Interactive features and amazing webinars.


Fashion Trends Fashion Snoops
Image Copyright Fashion Snoops

3. Trendstop

Best for giving different membership options and packages and easy to use interface.


4. Pantone

Best for colour of the year reports and updates across fashion and interiors.

£ Free online

5. Vogue

Best for catwalk coverage and couture designers.

£ Free online

Fashion Trends Vogue
Image Copyright Vogue

6. Elle

Best for their high street takes on couture looks.

£ Free online

7. Pattern Prints Journal

Best for colour and pattern / textile coverage.

£ Free online

8. Print and Pattern

Best for print, surface pattern and childrenswear.

£ Free online

9. The Fashion Spot

Best for Celeb style and runway coverage. Close to season information.

£ Free online

10. Who What Wear

Best for Celeb style and current trends, what everyone wants just now.

£ Free online

I invest in the best fashion resources for Michelle Ramsay Design Studio so you don’t have to, and I can advise you on catwalk/ runway reports, seasonal colours, new fabrics, must have silhouettes, print / graphic trends and developments which are relevant to your individual brand.

I can compile this information for you to help you design the best product for your brand and can advise you on new aspects to set you apart from the competition. I can create mood boards, colour palettes, silhouette boards and fabric and trim inspiration. I also offer this type of advice and guidance in our consultation services.

I cover menswear, womenswear, urban and streetwear, childrenswear as well as athletic wear and soft accessories.

If you are launching a new range today and would benefit from gaining some inside industry knowledge, then get in touch with the studio today.

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