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A day in the life of The Fashion Expert®

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

One of my main goals in 2019 is to share more about myself. Who is The Fashion Expert and why should you work with me?

I'm not an avid a selfie taker, or one to publish my whole life online, however I realise that clients like to get to know me before working with me so I'll be sharing more of this type of content with you.

One question I'm always asked is what my day looks like, so I've written a blog post about a typical day in my UK studio. My days really vary, and are often dictated by what work I have on that week or how quickly clients get back to me about projects. Some days are intensive design and others are very interactive with different clients. But what never fails is the variety of exciting projects and passionate clients. I wouldn't change it for the world.

Michelle Ramsay - The Fashion Expert®
Michelle Ramsay - The Fashion Expert®


I set my alarm early as I'm definitely a morning person, and getting a head start on the day seems to set me up well. I've never been a night owl and wake up early even at weekends. Even if I'm working from home or not seeing clients I'm up early and dressed for the day ahead. PJs work for some people but I need to be in my work mode to feel professional.


Breakfast with my other half. From our dining room we can see out over some local stables, and we are often visited at the bottom of our garden by a horse looking for carrots. It's a relaxing start listening to the birds and discussing our day ahead.


Admin in the studio with Radio 6. I like to set the early morning aside to answer emails and queries from new clients. I find a lot come in overnight due to clients using their evening for their startup brand side hustle. If I answer them early in the morning they can reply during their commute or morning break.

I check my diary and wall planner to see which clients are booked in that day, schedule the calls and consultations and of course the design work for current ranges and projects. I always need to check timezones to make sure I can speak to clients at appropriate times of day depending where they are in the world.

Finally I check financial tasks such as invoices, and if time permits, head over to see what is happening on social media and read any interesting newsletters.

Getting organised


Design work. Today I am working on a range of mens activewear for a new client so I am taking a few hours this morning to get a good run at designing.


I usually get deliveries around this time, which are often samples from clients, samples for sizing, fabric swatches or anything else related to their design project. I'll receive new fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle and any new books I may have ordered.


At lunchtime I like to multi-task so often combine my "lunch break" with a podcast or training event. If its a nice day I'll take a walk around the lake in our local park which is very pretty in the sunshine. Today I'm taking part in a social media webinar, as I feel it's always good to keep learning, developing my business skills and staying up to date with improvements I can make.


I have a video consultation with a new client who is launching a luxury womenswear range of dresses and jumpsuits. Having bought my E-Book she's now ready to discuss her ideas and gain some one to one guidance. Working in a completely different sector she is new to the fashion industry. I talk her through a range of things from how to gather her inspiration ideas, how we will work together to plan her range, the design process, the sampling process and how to work with a manufacturer. I love these sessions as every client is different. The best part is the end, when clients feel energised with confidence to take their idea forward and work with me as on their clothing line.


I have a catch up call with one of my clients to go over the designs I created for his mens urbanwear brand. All is good and the designs are approved to take forward to tech packs and sizing specs.


Deign work continues for my menswear activewear client.


Pilates class. Sitting at a computer all day is awful for posture so I try to schedule in some yoga and pilates into the week to undo the hunch and stretch out. It's also an incredible way to switch off as you can't balance on one leg and think about your to-do list!


I do an hours research on trends, catwalk shows and colour in preparation for some trend reports and childrenswear mood boards I'm curating for a regular client.



After dinner I do a little admin or social media but this evening I write this blog post and book tickets for a forthcoming tradeshow in London.


The rest of the evening will be spent relaxing with my other half, some chilled music and perhaps a small Malbec.

If you'd like to connect with me on social media you can do so via the links at the top of this page.

Michelle - The Fashion Expert®

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