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Fashion Startup Plan For 2019

January signals new beginnings and fresh starts. Its a great window of opportunity to reflect upon last year, what you achieved and perhaps consider what you didn't. But more importantly, it's the perfect time to plan and set goals.

If you're considering launching a new fashion startup brand then this blog post should help you plan a strategy by giving you some pointers of what to bear in mind. You can also download my free Launch Plan For Fashion Startups here.

Have a plan

It may sound obvious but you'd be amazed at how many people don't form a plan. A haphazard approach can hinder your progress, so start mapping out how you will launch your fashion collection. In very basic terms, you should think about what you want to achieve, when you want to achieve it and form a strategy of how you are going to get there. These key stages of the strategy should have a rough timeline, so you can breakdown what you will do and when.

Do your research

Most of my clients are new to the fashion industry, with a day job in a non related sector. Setting up a clothing line is their side hustle, and finding out how to launch a clothing range can be a steep learning curve. You'll need to know how to design your raw ideas into cads, tech packs and size specs. You will also need to consider what happens in sampling and production and how to source factories, fabrics and trims. If you'd like to know the in depth stages involved in setting up a fashion brand there is a wealth of information in my e-book Fashion Startup's Guide To Manufacture.

Invest in experts

We all have skills and talents in particular areas and we play to these strengths in our careers. Launching a fashion brand requires a plethora of skills, and if you don't have them you need to find someone who is an expert in that field. You'll need an experienced designer who can translate your raw ideas into professional fashion drawings, in addition to having the knowledge that can make or break your fashion collection's launch.

Stay realistic

When having consultations with clients I aways say it's better to have too many ideas which you can expand into later than having very little in the beginning. You can't do everything all at once so it makes good business sense to concentrate on one road to begin with. Perhaps you wish to launch a fitness apparel brand for both men and women. In this example it might be good to start with one gender first EG menswear. Once the clothing line is established then you'll be in a better position to expand into womenswear.

Be a tortoise not a hare

In today's world we expect everything instantly. Launching a fashion brand is not a quick process so let's just be clear on that straight away. Although enthusiasm and determination are qualities required in bucketloads, rushing into snap decisions will cost money and time in the long-run. Take your time, do your research and you'll do it correctly.

Hopefully this information has given you food for thought and a starting point for launching your fashion brand.

I'd love to hear about your idea for a fashion start-up! If you would like to talk over your ideas with The Fashion Expert® then you can book in for a consultation here.

Michelle Ramsay

The Fashion Expert®

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